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Recent Projects



Our schools are the foundation of our future. We have over 50 years’ experience designing and reconstructing schools all over the globe.

Mission Statement

State of the art, technology driven, and student centered schools are what we do. The children are the future and we have made it our mission to provide each one of them with schools that are designed to foster a rosperous learning experience.

About Us

Founded nearly 50 years ago, N3wSchool has been creating and redesigning schools all over the world. Architects and engineers work together to build some of the finest educational institutions. Each school comes standard with 60 classrooms, 8 computer labs, two dining halls, two gymnasiums, three band halls, and a massive library ontaining thousands of books.

The N3wSchool project is capable of creating schools with help from the Gates Foundation. To date, the Gates Foundation has helped create 769 schools. N3wSchool is very thankful and will continue with the ongoing effort of strengthening the world’s education system.

What sets us apart?

Speed of Operations
Building a new school only takes us about 1 year from start to finish. At any given moment we may have up to 100 projects working at the same time.

We have standardized the way a school should be designed. Education institutions all over the United States have already begun adopting our standards.

We utilize the latest technology from top-notch suppliers to optimize schools. This helps speed up registration, book keeping, and over all organization.

Service to Society
We are a non-profit organization. Everything we do is for the betterment of society.

Job Creation
Each school can have upwards of 200 staff. With each school we build, more people will be able to work.