The Importance Of Education For Children

Most American children attend elementary schools where they learn math, English, history, science, reading, writing, physical education, art and other subjects. Some people question if an education is necessary for children to have. They wonder if children would do just as well without any education.

Proponents of the school system argue that schools do more than just teach basic education. They report that children learn important social skills as well as educational skills while attending school. Children learn how to share, respect authority, follow rules and become independent. These are skills that are hard to learn if a child stays at home. Without social interaction, important social skills would be missed.

Time management is another skill that schools teach. Assignments help children how to prioritize their time in order to meet deadlines. This can be taught at home too, however, it can be hard for a parent to be both a teacher and a parent at the same time.

Schools can also teach children the importance of being part of a community. They encourage children to participate in activities such as: food drives, planting trees or flowers, holding blood drives, or raising money for families in need. These lessons can also be taught at home. Families can help their children to see what others needs are and help out. Children may benefit from a school system, simply because they can share the sense of being part of a community with their classmates.

Schools also help teach coping skills to children. If a child gets their feelings hurt by a classmate, teachers and counselors can help the child make sense of the situation and cope with it. Children who stay at home may miss out on these opportunities, unless parents coordinate play dates with other children.

Schools also teach a life long desire for children to continue learning long past their graduation date. Schools expose children to a variety of different topics, and help them learn new things. A desire to learn is something that can also be taught at home. There are some advantages for child who are taught at home. Their parents can cater education to their children’s special interests. If a child excels in a certain area, they can explore their talent above and beyond what the school system would allow.

Although most schools are safe for children, in recent years there has been an increase in school shootings. Some parents feel as if their children are safer by keeping them at home. They feel uncomfortable sending their children to public or private school systems. One thing is for sure, children do not learn well in an environment where they are fearful for their safety. Children’s homes are generally safe, comfortable environments that are conducive for learning.

There are advantages and disadvantages with regard to children who learn in a typical classroom setting, versus those who do not get this type of educational experience. There may not be a right or wrong way to educate our youth. The important thing is they learn the tools to help them through life.